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ScorTank Bladder (5)

ScorTank Bladder (5)
ScorTank Bladder (5)
ScorTank Bladder (5)
ScorTank Bladder (5)
ScorTank Bladder (5)
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  • New Naval's ScorTank Bladder is a pillow bladder designed as a temporary storage solution developed for use on-land and in-water. 
  • The bladder can be laid out on flat ground to be filled and the bladder can also be secured to a work platform or vessel in water and filled. It can be towed when waterborne.
  • The bladder is designed to store most types of liquids especially hydrocarbons, including diesel.
  • When empty, the system can be rolled into a compact shape, reducing the dimensions of the bladder and the space requirements for storage increasing the ease of transport.
  • Camlock connections allow the transfer of contained liquids.
  • Manufactured with Heavy Duty Polymer Alloy Coated Polyester Fabric
  • The bladder is manufactured with High Frequency Welding technology that produces no seams, increasing the strength of the bladder and its ability to expand
  • The bladder body is resistant to sea-water, UV radiation, chemical dispersant and hydrocarbons
  • The system is designed to be easily cleaned    

Product Specifications
Dimensions Empty: 5.5 m x 1.56 m x 0.95 m (L x W x H)
Quantity 5 m³ (Capacity)
Weight 157 kg
Colour Yellow (red option available)
Classification Temporary storage
Use Liquids: hydrocarbons, water, etc.
Applications In-water and on-land temporary storage

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