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Plastic Storage Units

  • Plastic Storage Units are intended to store equipment in a dry and protected environment, or to be used as a temporary storage unit. 
  • They are lightweight and durable systems intended for temporary and permanent storage of response equipment, as well as other equipment dependent on the scenario at hand.
  • The tanks can be used for temporary storage of liquid materials such as hydrocarbons or other liquids in emergency situations.
  • They can be used in a variety of environments including marine environments such as vessels, docks, pier or ports. 
Plastic Storage Bin on Wheels240 litersFor storage of sorbents, equipment or collected materialsTemporary or permanent storagePortable..
Ex Tax:90.00€
Plastic Storage Unit with Lid - Small ..
Ex Tax:380.00€
Plastic Storage Unit with Lid - Large..
Ex Tax:480.00€
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