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Responsibility and Guarantee of Supplier / Responsibility of Seller for defects
The COMPANY is obliged to deliver product(s) to the consumer with the agreed conditions and without real defects, according to articles 534 e seq. of the Civil Code. The manufacturer of each product is responsible for any damage due to a defect of their product. Any agreement to restrict or exempt the manufacturer from liability is void. Claims against the manufacturer for damages are barred after three years after the consumer has been informed or should have been informed of the damage, defect and identity of themanufacturer. After a decade of the receipt of the product, the rights of the consumer against the manufacturer are depreciated. In case of doubt as to the identity of the manufacturer of a product purchased by the COMPANY, please let us know.
Each consistent consumer good is accompanied by a written guarantee from the manufacturer of the product or the company that imported the product to the EU or the company that resells the product of the manufacturer (hereinafter referred to as "the Supplier"). Please pay special attention to the terms of the warranty provided by the Supplier as well as to the other accompanying documents and data which under the responsibility of the Supplier are included in the products and especially those concerning information on the safe, proper use and maintenance of product(s) We especially emphasize the following:
The supplier must provide the consumer in writing, in Greek or English, clear and complete instructions for safe use, safekeeping, and full utilization of the product and information on the risks in its use and maintenance. Furthermore, it must ensure that consumers are continually provided with technical services for maintenance and repair for a period of time equal to their possible lifespan.

The rights of the Customer due to a real defect or lack of contractual capacity are barred after the lapse of two years (two-year legal guarantee). The guarantee must include simple, legible and understandable wording in the Greek language, at least the name and address of the guarantor, the product in which the guarantee refers to, its exact content, its duration and the extent of its territorial validity. The warranty must comply with the rules of good faith and must not be invalidated by excessive exceptions. The warranty period must be reasonable in relation to the possible shelf life of the product. Possible shelf life of the product is the reasonably expected time during which the product can be used according to its purpose, even after repair or replacement of spare parts, until wear  from proper use makes the product useless or its further use an economical burden . In particular, for state-of-the-art technology products, the warranty period must be reasonable in relation to the time at which these products are expected to remain technologically up-to-date if this time is shorter than their possible lifespan.
If a defect occurs in the product during the warranty period and the supplier refuses or slows down the repair beyond the time required, the consumer is entitled to request the replacement of the product with a new  one with same features and quality, or , if it is not repaired ask for a withdrawal from contract. If the required repair time exceeds fifteen (15) working days, the consumer is entitled to request the temporary replacement of the product for as long as the repair lasts. Violation by the Supplier of his obligations does not affect the validity of the guarantee, which the consumer can invoke and demand fcompliance from the Supplier. In the case of replacement of the product or its spare part(s), the warranty is automatically renewed for the entire duration of acquirement of the new product or spare part.
In addition to the warranty, the Supplier of new consumer goods must provide consumers with continuous technical services for their maintenance and repair for a period of time equal to their possible lifespan. The Supplier must also provide consumers with the option of purchasing spare parts and other products required for their use in accordance with their purpose for the entire duration of their life.
Pursuant to the above provisions, the COMPANY, as long as it is a Supplier of a product, as defined above, or as long as it sells the specific product, will provide the consumer with all possible assistance in fulfilling the terms of the Manufacturer's warranty, free of charge. This is regardless of the out-of-warranty maintenance services, which may be provided on a case-by-case basis.
Finally, the COMPANY has all of the obligations to the consumer provided in the Civil Code for the seller. It is invalid for the consumer to waive his protection under these provisions prior to the occurrence of the defect or lack of the agreed property.
Especially in the event of a defect in the product that the COMPANY sells to the consumer, and in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code, the consumer may (a) request its repair without charge or its replacement with any other unless this is impossible or requires disproportionate costs (b) to reduce the price and (c) to withdraw, unless it is an insignificant actual defect. The above obligations do not exist in case the defect has been caused by the consumer. In any case, the products must be accompanied by the necessary legal documents and receipts. These obligations in any case shall be barred within two years.