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Decontamination Units

  • New Naval's decontamination units provide a convenient, temporary solution to ensure proper containment of collected waste when temporarily stored or during transfer operations. 
  • Units provide a safety layer or compartaent that shields against leakages or catch spilled materials that may occur during transfer and storage operations. 
  • Leaks from storage equipment or transfer operations can result in soil, water and equipment contamination or result in secondary spills; units protect against these incidents. 
  • When not in use, systems can be stored and transported in a compact form reducing the need for storage and transport space.
New Naval's ScorSafe Ground Mat 25 is a convenient solution to ensure proper containment of collected waste when temporarily storedThe impermeable mat provides a safety layer that shields against leakages that may occur during transfer and storage operationsLeaks from storage equ..
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New Naval's ScorSafe Decontamination (Decon.) Unit (5) is an air-inflated decontamination system that features three separate compartments allowing staged decontamination to easily take place while containing pollutants.The unit is suitable for the collection of ha..
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