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Oil Mops

  • Oil Mops are a simple, straightforward system ready to use and combat small on-land and in-water spills.
  • A mechanical form of spill recovery, Oil Mops are hand-held with an extremely efficient and high recovery rate.
  • They utilize oil traps, or pom poms, to recover hydrocarbons.
  • The mop head, or oil trap, is quickly and easily replaceable making the system highly efficient and effective in small to medium recovery operations.
  • The length of the Oil Mop also allows operators to address open areas as well as difficult to reach and smaller areas.
The Oil Mop on a Handle is essentially the combination of a mop and an oil trap, or Pom PomDesigned for quick response to small hydrocarbon leaks and spills on land or waterOperated by hand the mop utilizes a wood handle and head designed to easily operate, remove and replace the oil trap once it ha..
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