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Absorbent Pillows are an easily applied and recovered, small and compact, miniature boom-style absorbent 20 cm diameter by 0.5 meter in lengthThis size allows the Pillow to be applied in a variety of on-land and in-water applications for small to medium, and in some controlled cases, larger spillsTh..
Ex Tax:62.26€
The Scorpion Oil Trap, or rather pom pom, is designed for rapid application as it can quickly be deployed to combat a spill while utilising maximum encounter rates for the quick recovery of thick, oil based liquidsTraps can easily be tossed into location if not strategically positioned by hand ..
Ex Tax:75.00€
Installing Traps, or Pom Poms, on a rope change the potential applications of deploying traps as it increases the control of multiple traps vastly and allows multiple traps, in this case 30 per rope, to be deployed in a stationary position or an active position that is defined by the operatorTraps o..
Ex Tax:100.00€
This kit is a response ready, mobile package that comes in Oil Sorbents, General Purpose Sorbents or Chemical (HazMat) Sorbents options. A variety of different types of sorbents allow operators to address small to medium on-land and in some case in-water spills.  The Oil Spill Response Kit (..
Ex Tax:329.28€
New Naval’s OCS 12* Kit is response ready and comes in Oil Sorbents. A variety of different types of sorbents allow operators to address small to medium and even large on-land and in some case in-water spills. Polyethylene storage containers can be placed or moved to potential incident location..
Ex Tax:1,456.80€
Plastic Storage Bin on Wheels240 litersFor storage of sorbents, equipment or collected materialsTemporary or permanent storagePortable..
Ex Tax:90.00€
Plastic Storage Unit with Lid - Small ..
Ex Tax:380.00€
Plastic Storage Unit with Lid - Large..
Ex Tax:480.00€
Absorbent Granules are an easily applied, sand-like material with increased absorption and uniform size that will not mud during useGranules are intended for on-land spills, specifically controlled areas of concrete, asphalt or work areas where a controlled clean-up can take placeWhen properly appli..
Ex Tax:18.00€
Sorbent Particulate are an easily applied, shredded material with increased recovery properties as they provide maximum retention through complete surface area application Particulates are intended for on-land or very small, controlled in-water spillsParticulates are unique as they are effectiv..
Ex Tax:50.38€
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