The COMPANY created this electronic store with the sole purpose of serving its customers. Protecting the privacy, personal information and data of all those who visit the online store (eshop)  is our priority so that you can enjoy all our services with the utmost security! We will update and modify this Statement at regular intervals. Please visit our website from time to time at ( to make sure you are aware of any changes. For your questions about this Privacy Policy, but also any issue related to the processing of your Data and the exercise of your rights, you can contact our COMPANY at the address 2nd km Lavriou - Souniou Ave., Lavrio, Attica, PC . 19500 or at the e-mail address
The following terms of this Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of the GMOs, apply to the use of the Online Store by a simple visitor (User) as well as by a Customer. The use of the Online Store and the registration in our services, implies the unconditional acceptance, consent, consent, approval and agreement by the User with this Privacy Policy.
This Policy is subject to the information of the data subjects in accordance with Articles 13-14 of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU 679/2016 and its acceptance implies the consent of the User / Customer in the collection and processing of his personal data as described in detail in her. Please read this Privacy and Privacy Policy carefully, in order to be informed about the information collected by you when you visit the Online Store and when you use our online services, how they can be used and shared, how the information is protected. these and what are your rights. We inform you that you have the right to withdraw at any time your consent to the collection and processing of personal data concerning you, without prejudice to the legality of the processing of your personal data. If you wish to withdraw your consent, you can contact us at the 2nd km Lavriou -Souniou Ave., Lavrio, Attica, PC. 19500 or at the e-mail address or by referring to the GDPR Tools link regarding the deletion of your Personal Data.
This Privacy Policy applies only to the Website and the online services of the Online Store and covers all personal data of Users / Customers collected by the COMPANY during the visit and use of its services. The Privacy Policy covers the conditions for the collection, processing and management of the personal data of Users / Customers by the COMPANY. If the User does not agree with these terms, he must not proceed with the process of registration / creation of an account or order or follow the process of deletion of Personal Data as described above.
Personal Data Protection Policy does not apply to websites you access through links on the Website and / or to activities offered by third parties. Please study any relevant policies on any third party website before proceeding. The COMPANY is not responsible for the collection or use of your personal information by these third party websites.

The management by the COMPANY and the protection of the personal data of the Users / Customers of the Online Store are governed by the General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, for the protection of individuals against it. for the processing of personal data and for the free circulation of such data ('GKPD'), Directive 2002/58 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 July 2002 on the processing of personal data a and the protection of privacy in the field of electronic communications (directive on the protection of privacy in electronic communications), as applicable and applicable to the Greek legal order and any Greek law or regulation concerning the protection of personal data, including guidelines and of the decisions issued by the Hellenic Authority for the Protection of Personal Data.
If you use this website, you accept and agree to this Privacy Statement as well as the terms and conditions of use of the Online Store that have been announced through it.
What is Personal Data?
Personal data means all information that identifies you who can or can identify you directly or indirectly.
The information provided voluntarily by the users of the mentioned website, is used by the Online Store in order for its Users to have direct and substantial communication with the Online Store, to be provided with answers to specific questions they ask and finally to be served and executed by their orders. The information collected by the Online Store is intended to measure the number of visitors, to determine the requirements of customers for more products and to facilitate transactions with the COMPANY. The Electronic Store does not distribute to any other organization or partner that is not connected to the Online Store the e-mail addresses or any other information concerning its Users / Customers, except for direct partners during the ordering process.
Each User can browse the Online Store without giving any personal information, other than those automatically collected by browsing the Online Store. Users of the Online Store are required to provide their personal data only if they wish to order a product (s), register with the Online Store and / or send an email.
What Personal Data do we collect and process?
The Online Store collects the following information:
(1) Data that the User gives us during his registration as a Customer, during his registration in the COMPANY Newsletter, during the submission of comments and during the completion of a form (withdrawal, complaints, etc.)
(2) Data provided by the User / Customer in order to execute his order from the Online Store,
(3) Data that the User gives us when connecting via another platform (ios, android, Facebook, Google applications),
(4) In case you contact us, the communication may be stored in order to ensure the best quality of telephone communication as well as for educational purposes,
(5) Details of the User's / Customer's visits to the Online Store, which may be indicative and not restrictive, the following: traffic data, location data, blogs and other communication data, the page that referred him to the Online Store and the resources that uses.
When completing any order form at the Online Store, the User will be asked for his / her name, address, zip code, email address, phone number, credit card details, and method of payment for the order. In addition, more specific information may be requested, such as shipping - delivery details of an order, pricing information or details on the offer requested.
Use of Personal Data
The COMPANY may collect, store and process personal data of the Users / Customers of the Online Store and iOS and Android applications only if the above data is provided voluntarily by the interested parties, for the following purposes:
The personal data declared by the Users / Customers in the Online Store, are intended exclusively to ensure the operation of the respective service and may not be used by third parties without complying with applicable laws. Personal data of Users / Customers requested by the COMPANY are limited to information necessary for the operation of the Online Store and the provision of the services offered through it, in order to serve them optimally, always in accordance with the provisions on Data Protection (General Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons against the processing of personal data and on the free circulation of such data), the Protection of Personal Data century of privacy in the electronic communications sector (N.3471 / 2006 and 4624/2019), as applicable.
Personal data provided voluntarily by Users / Customers of the Online Store may be collected by the COMPANY in a file, stored and processed by it for its intended purpose.
The holder and responsible for the processing of the personal data that have been collected in the above way and the file that has been created for the above purposes will be the COMPANY in the headquarters in which the above file will be installed.
The recipient of the personal data provided by the Users / Customers of this website is only the COMPANY which may forward them to companies affiliated with it, for reasons of operational and computer service of its transaction relations with the said Users / Customers, such as and for statistical and historical reasons. If the User / Customer has completed the relevant field and has consented to the sending of informational and advertising-promotional material to it, the COMPANY may, after informing the User / Customer, announce its personal data to third parties for the advertising of products they offer, as well as to companies conducting market research or other similar activity.
The staff of the COMPANY, which deals with the processing of personal data, has access to personal data. More specifically, the personnel belonging to the following departments: IT, administrative staff, customer service, marketing, as well as other people who need to process personal data to perform their work.
User / Customer Rights
Users / Customers who have disclosed their personal data to the COMPANY have the following rights:
1. The right of access to the data concerning them and which are in the possession of the COMPANY through the submission of a relevant request (see the GDPR Tools for the completion of the relevant form).
2. The right to information on:
(a) all personal data concerning them, as well as their origin,
(b) the purposes of the processing,
(c) the recipients or categories of recipients,
(d) the progress of the processing within the time period from their previous update or information,
(e) the logic of automated processing,
(f) as the case may be, the correction, deletion or seizure (locking) of the data whose processing is not in accordance with the provisions of Law 2472/1997
3. The right to object to the processing of the data concerning them
4. The right to temporary judicial protection.
The consent of the participants in the collection and processing of their personal data may be revoked at any time, but without retroactive effect. (see the GDPR Tools link for deleting your Personal Data)
The COMPANY complies with all its obligations under the law. The subject of personal data has the right to request at any time the cessation of shipment by the COMPANY of the above informative and advertising-promotional material. In order to exercise the right of objection, the personal data carrier must request in writing from the Editor-in-Chief specific action, such as the correction of personal data concerning him, their temporary non-use, their commitment, their non-transmission or deletion. .
If the User / Customer voluntarily discloses his personal or sensitive data directly to third parties through the Online Store, it is up to him to investigate the terms of protection of this data by those third parties. The User / Customer accepts that the COMPANY has absolutely no responsibility for such notifications and for the subsequent possible use of such data by other persons. Similarly, the COMPANY bears absolutely no responsibility for any notification by Users / Customers of the Online Store of personal and / or sensitive data of third parties through the Online Store without the prior consent of the data carrier.
Each User / Customer guarantees the accuracy and authenticity of the personal data concerning him and that he submits to the COMPANY as well as to his right to submit this data.
Each User / Customer has the ability to edit the Personal Data that he has notified to the COMPANY by going to the GDPR Tools link and selecting the Personal Data Processing.
The COMPANY opposes the collection of personal data of minors and its policy is not to collect or process data of such persons. If we realize that a child's personal data has been mistakenly collected, we will delete that data without undue delay.
Duration of personal data storage
The COMPANY processes and stores the User's / Customer's personal data only for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it collected the data or for as long as it is obliged to store it in accordance with law or regulation.
Personal data that the COMPANY keeps in the context of the execution of a contract for the purchase of products or services through the Online Store, are stored for a maximum period of 20 years.
Personal data provided by the Customer / User to the COMPANY in order to contact it in order to submit a request, complaint or query is stored in its files until it can properly handle the relevant issue and respond to the Customer's request, complaint or question / User.
The personal data that the Customer / User provided to the COMPANY in order to send newsletters, promotional material, targeted advertisements and surveys to purchase and satisfy customer service (registration in the Newsletter), is stored by the User from the COMPANY until it decides relevant list or withdraw his consent.
Personal Data Security
The COMPANY recognizes the importance of the issue of the security of the personal data of the Users / Customers of the Online Store and makes every reasonable effort, with the most modern and advanced methods, to ensure their security. It implements the appropriate level of security and has therefore implemented reasonable physical, electronic, and administrative procedures to ensure that data collected from accidental or illegal destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data transmitted or transmitted are treated differently. Its information security policy processes are closely aligned with widely accepted international standards and are regularly reviewed and updated whenever necessary in order to meet its business needs, changes in technology and regulatory requirements. Users / Customers, however, should be aware that sending confidential information via email is not the safest way to communicate, as there is always the risk of third parties reading this information.
Customer Recognition
The codes used to identify the User / Customer are two: the E-mail code (e-mail or user name) and the Personal Secret Security Code (password), which every time they are registered provide the User / Customer with absolute security. in his personal data.
The User / Customer is given the opportunity to change his Personal Secret Security Code (password) and his e-mail address as often as he wishes. The only one who has access to his data is the User / Customer through the above codes and is solely responsible for maintaining their confidentiality and concealment from third parties. In case of loss of the code or leakage of the data, the Company should be notified immediately, otherwise the online store is not responsible for the use of the secret code by an unauthorized person. We recommend, for security reasons, that the User / Customer changes his password at regular intervals and avoids the use of the same and easily detectable passwords (eg date of birth). We also recommend that you use not only letters and numbers but also symbols to create a password. We encourage you to update your details at regular intervals or when they change. The User / Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the data.