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The thinnest of the Scorpion oil absorbent pad line, the P-100 comes in a larger quantity of 100 piecesFor use in a variety of operational application..
Ex Tax:32.00€
New Naval's 90L Oil Spill Kit Bag is intended for immediate use to recover small spills. The Kit includes: 90L PVC Bag x1 pc. Scorpion ..
Ex Tax:85.40€
The Scorpion oil absorbent roll, P-4448, is an continuous line of absorbent designed to be utilized in a variety of operational applicationsThe size o..
Ex Tax:32.00€
Absorbent Socks, or snakes, are an excellent form of first line defense as they can quickly be deployed to combat a spill, both on-land and in-water, ..
Ex Tax:27.73€
New Naval's Quick Response Spill Kit 200L comes in Oil, General Purpose or Chemical (HazMat) Sorbents. They are designed to mitigate small to medium o..
Ex Tax:758.62€